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Soy Wax Candles, Reed Diffusers, Soy Wax Melts

hand-poured in small batches in Auckland, New


From our Founder
Welcome to Serenity Homeworx where we strive to produce high-quality, long- lasting, appealing, and beautifully smelling products at affordable prices.
Chantal Clark
Our Story
The story behind Serenity Homeworx
My love for home décor and beautifully scented products came about when my family & I
moved to New Zealand in Janurary 2020. It was not easy leaving South Africa, the place
we knew as home. Amongst the chaos of moving countries, I found a sense of comfort and relaxation while burning candles and having anything beautifully scented around me would instantly uplift my spirits – in a sense, it created a comforting feeling and paved the way for establishing a home.
As I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the low-quality and high price of other candles on
the market, I began experimenting with making my own candles. Initially, making candles
was a hobby and I was determined to keep it simply as a hobby. However,
my candle making hobby has now blossomed into the creation of Serenity Homeworx,
where I share my love for beautifully home-scented, hand-poured, and high-quality
products with the rest of New Zealand.
I hope our products give you as much happiness and delight as it gives me to make them for you.
Our Mission

Serenity Homeworx products are handcrafted with love & precision, and I sincerely hope that you love our products as much as we love making them for you.

Our mission is:
• To be a handcrafted candle store that produces high-quality scented home fragrance products
• To craft each product with attention to detail
• To source high-quality materials
• To maintain high-quality while maximising affordability

Our Vision

Serenity Homeworx envisions to produce products that create a welcoming, warm, and cozy atmosphere within your chosen environment.

I endeavour to create products that uplift the atmosphere of your environment and create a true ease of enjoyment and relaxation.

I envision that the offered range of beautifully scented products contribute to elevating your home decor style and establishes a peaceful haven.

I aspire to produce products that assist in facilitating a ‘homey’ and comforting environment.

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